Heroin Hymn is based on my short story originally entitled Heroin Chic  published at undergroundvoices.com. Wanting to make my stories into films was a major dream for me but there seemed to be a roadblock at every turn.  Into my life walks  two talented individuals and even more so, new friends.  Chris Cook and Frank Towery with Gang of Four Films are two incredible individuals. Chris Cook's intuitive cinematography captured the plight of these two tragic characters, drawing you into a world that none of us would ever want to live. And  Frank Towery, with his genuine spirit and encouragement at every turn, well what can i say...There would be no Heroin Hymn without them. I'm truly indebted. To all my friends who made all this possible from actors to crew to extras i love you all. I'd like to steal a line from Chris that captures what indie filmmaking is. " It's not the equipment that you have, it's how you use it".

                    That says it all. Cheers.

heroin hymn
P.L. George
Patrick & Andrea